I’ve worked at large agencies and tech startups, shaping big-picture strategy and executing high fidelity design.

I not only deep attack problems head on, I consider the greater ecosystem and develop scalable solutions. My approach contains a healthy mix of pragmatism and optimism, and I deliver high quality results in environments that value honesty, collaboration and service.


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 Wrote this recommendation unsolicited. Quinnton is one of the most brilliant and talented creative individuals that I know and have worked with. The work that has come from him and his team has been top-notch, and I’m not exaggerating! As a software engineer, it’s very easy (and common) to find yourself in a love/hate relationship with the designers (and other creatives) on your team, but one of the things that makes Quinnton stand out — both as a creative and a leader — is the amount of initiative he takes to ensure alignment amongst everyone involved…

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